1927 Spain Grand Prix in World Manufacturers' Championship at the Lasarte circuit. Full information

1927 Spain Grand Prix

1927 Spain Grand Prix is 10th World Manufacturers' Championship race. Passed at the Lasarte circuit. Emilio Materassi won the pole position, Robert Benoist won this race. Caberto Conelli and Edmond Bourlier also climbed to the podium, in second and third place. Race distance 40 laps (710 km).

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Race Start: 31st July 1927

Interesting facts and statistics about the 1927 Spain Grand Prix

4th victory for the Automobiles Delage team
3rd victory for the Robert Benoist
5th podium for the Robert Benoist
1st podium for the Caberto Conelli
3rd podium for the Edmond Bourlier

Delage 15S8 - 1927 Spain Grand Prix winner

Delage 15S8 #6 - 1927 Spain Grand Prix winner

1927 Spain Grand Prix results

Position Name Car Points Result Lap Team
1 Robert Benoist Delage 15S8, #6 0 5h 20m 45s 0 Automobiles Delage
2 Caberto Conelli Bugatti T39A, #9 0 5h 23m 2s 0 Usines Bugatti
3 Edmond Bourlier Delage 15S8, #10 0 5h 28m 12s 0 Automobiles Delage
0 Andre Morel Delage 15S8, #14 0 15 laps Retired 0 Automobiles Delage
0 Emilio Materassi Bugatti T39A, #4 0 31 laps Accident 0 Usines Bugatti
0 Andre Dubonnet Bugatti T39A, #12 0 36 laps Retired 0 Usines Bugatti
0 Ignazio Palacios Maserati 26, #8 0 5 laps Engine 0 Officine Alfieri Maserati

List of all cars for the 1927 Spain Grand Prix on the Lasarte circuit

Bugatti T39A


Delage 15S8


Maserati 26