IRL in the 1999 season. Full information

4th season of the IRL proved to be an exhilarating ride for motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. Spanning from 24th January to 17th October in 1999, this season showcased thrilling races, unexpected twists, and fierce competition. Join us as we relive the excitement and drama that unfolded throughout this unforgettable season of IRL!

Beginners of the season: John Hollansworth jr , Jason Leffler , Jaques Lazier , Robby McGehee , Ronnie Johncox , Bobby Regester , Niclas Jonsson , Doug Didero , Sarah Fisher

Participated in training: Andy Michner , John Paul, Jr. , Stan Wattles , Roberto Guerrero , Johnny Unser

Drivers championship 1999

Greg Ray

United States


Kenny Brack


2nd place

Mark Dismore

United States

3rd place

List of all cars in the 1999 season

Dallara IR7


Dallara IR7