1968 Zandvoort F2 in Formula 2 at the Zandvoort circuit. Full information

1968 Zandvoort F2

1968 Zandvoort F2 is 21st Formula 2 race. Passed at the Zandvoort circuit. Derek Bell won the pole position, Jean-Pierre Beltoise won this race. Henri Pescarolo and Richard Attwood also climbed to the podium, in second and third place. Race distance 50 laps (210 km).

Previous race: 1968 Tulln F2
Next race: 1968 Mediterranean Grand Prix
Race Start: 28th July 1968

Interesting facts and statistics about the 1968 Zandvoort F2

3rd victory for the Matra Sports team
3rd victory for the Jean-Pierre Beltoise
8th podium for the Jean-Pierre Beltoise
3rd podium for the Henri Pescarolo
1st podium for the Richard Attwood

Matra MS7 (F2) - 1968 Zandvoort F2 winner

Matra MS7 (F2) #3 - 1968 Zandvoort F2 winner

List of all cars for the 1968 Zandvoort F2 on the Zandvoort circuit

Matra MS7 (F2)

Ford Cosworth FVA L4 1.6

Lotus 48


Ferrari 166