Formula 1 in the 2004 season. Full information

55th season of Formula 1, started 7th March and ended at 24th October 2004

Beginners of the season: Timo Glock , Christian Klien , Giorgio Pantano , Gimmi Bruni

Participated in training: Ricardo Zonta , Timo Glock

:championship in the 2004 season. Full information

Drivers championship 2004

Michael Schumacher



Rubens Barrichello


2nd place

Jenson Button

United Kingdom

3rd place

List of participating teams in the 2004 season

Name Points
Ferrari 262.00
BAR 119.00
Renault 105.00
Williams 88.00
McLaren 69.00
Sauber 34.00
Jaguar 10.00
Toyota 9.00
Jordan 5.00
Minardi 1.00

List of all cars in the 2004 season

Ferrari F2004

Ferrari 053 V10 3.0

BAR 006

Honda RA004E V10 3.0

Renault R24

Renault RS24 V10 3.0

Williams FW26

BMW P84 V10 3.0

McLaren MP4-19B

Mercedes FO 110Q V10 3.0

Sauber C23

Petronas 04A V10 3.0

McLaren MP4-19

Mercedes FO 110Q V10 3.0

Jaguar R5

Ford Cosworth CR-6 V10 3.0

Toyota TF104

Toyota RVX-04 V10 3.0

Jordan EJ14

Ford Cosworth RS2 V10 3.0

Toyota TF104B

Toyota RVX-04 V10 3.0

Minardi PS04B

Ford Cosworth CR-3L V10 3.0