1967 France Grand Prix in Formula 1 at the Le Mans circuit. Full information

1967 France Grand Prix poster

1967 France Grand Prix poster

1967 France Grand Prix

1967 France Grand Prix is 155th Formula 1 race. Passed at the Le Mans circuit. Graham Hill won the pole position, Jack Brabham won this race. This was his 12th victory. Denny Hulme and Jackie Stewart also climbed to the podium, in second and third place. Race distance 80 laps (354 km).

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Interesting facts and statistics about the 1967 France Grand Prix

8th victory for the Brabham team
12th victory for the Jack Brabham
21st podium for the Jack Brabham
7th podium for the Denny Hulme
8th podium for the Jackie Stewart

1967 France Grand Prix

1967 France Grand Prix

Brabham BT24 - 1967 France Grand Prix winner

Brabham BT24 - 1967 France Grand Prix winner

1967 France Grand Prix results

Position Name Points Result Lap Team
1 Jack Brabham 9.00  2h 13m 21.3s  ( 159.166 km/h ) 80 Brabham Racing Organisation
2 Denny Hulme 6.00  2h 14m 10.8s  ( +49.5s ) 80 Brabham Racing Organisation
3 Jackie Stewart 4.00   79 Owen Racing Organisation
4 Jo Siffert 3.00   77 Rob Walker / Jack Durlacher Racing Team
5 Chris Irwin 2.00  Engine 76 Reg Parnell Racing
6 Pedro Rodriguez 1.00   76 Cooper Car Company
nc Guy Ligier 0   68 Privé
ab Chris Amon 0  Throttle 47 Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFAC
ab Dan Gurney 0  Fuel line 40 Anglo American Racers
ab Jochen Rindt 0  Engine 33 Cooper Car Company
ab Bruce Mclaren 0  Ignition 26 Anglo American Racers
ab Jim Clark 0  Transmission 23 Team Lotus
ab Bob Anderson 0  Ignition 16 DW Racing Entreprises
ab Graham Hill 0  Transmission 13 Team Lotus
ab Mike Spence 0  Transmission 9 Owen Racing Organisation
f Ludovico Scarfiotti 0  Race in another race   Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFAC
f John Surtees 0  Car unavailable   Honda Racing
f Jo Bonnier 0  Car unavailable   Joakim Bonnier Racing Team
f Jean-Pierre Beltoise 0  Not present   Matra Sports
f Johnny Servoz-Gavin 0  Not present   Matra Sports

List of all cars for the 1967 France Grand Prix on the Le Mans circuit

Matra MS7

Ford Cosworth FVA L4 1.6

Brabham BT11

Climax FPF L4 2.8

Honda RA273

Honda RA273E V12 3.0

Brabham BT24

Repco 740 V8 3.0

BRM P261

BRM P60 V8 2.1

Ferrari 312/67

Ferrari 242 V12 3.0


BRM P75 H16 3.0

Cooper T81B

Maserati 10/F1 V12 3.0

Cooper T81

Maserati 9/F1 V12 3.0

Lotus 49

Ford Cosworth DFV V8 3.0

Eagle T1G

Weslake 58 V12 3.0