DTM in the 2022 season. Full information

35th season of DTM, started 30th April and ended at 19th June 2022

Beginners of the season: Ricardo Feller , Mikael Grenier , Marius Zug , Clemens Schmid

Participated in training: Marco Wittmann , Philipp Eng , Kelvin van der Linde , David Schumacher , Luca Stolz , Dennis Olsen , Ricardo Feller , Nicki Thiim , Thomas Preining , Mikael Grenier , Marius Zug , Clemens Schmid , Felipe Fraga , Rolf Ineichen , Nico Muller

Drivers championship 2022

Sheldon van der Linde

South Africa


Mirko Bortolotti


2nd place

Nico Muller


3rd place

List of all cars in the 2022 season

Mercedes ? 2022

Benz AMG GT3 Evo