Masahiko Kageyama from Japan in Motorsport. Full information

Masahiko Kageyama is race driver from Japan. Participant of Le Mans 24 Hours. During the performances, he earned 0 points.

First race: 1995 Le Mans 24 Hours
Last race: 2000 Le Mans 24 Hours

Top 5 main opponents on the track:

Karl Wendlinger
Olivier Beretta
Steve O'Rourke
Dominique Dupuy
Tim Sugden

All the years that Masahiko Kageyama took part in Motorsport

List of tracks where Masahiko Kageyama raced

Track Best Race Position Best position in qualification Total Races
Le Mans 3 12 5

Masahiko Kageyama: List of all wins

Year Team Race

List of teams Masahiko Kageyama was a part of

Team Best Race Position Best position in qualification Total Races
Nissan Motorsport 3 14 1
TV Asahi Team Dragon 6 12 1
Nissan Motorports 12 21 1
Nismo 26 2

List of all the cars Masahiko Kageyama drove

Nissan Skyline GT-R LM


Best Race Position:
Best position in qualification: 26
Total Races: 2

Nissan R390


Best Race Position: 12
Best position in qualification: 21
Total Races: 1

Nissan R390 GT1


Best Race Position: 3
Best position in qualification: 14
Total Races: 1

Panoz LMP-1 Roadster S


Best Race Position: 6
Best position in qualification: 12
Total Races: 1