Cap Kennedy from United States in Motorsport. Full information

Cap Kennedy is race driver from United States. Participant of AAA National Motor Car Championship. During the performances, he earned 0 points.

First race: 1914 Golden Potlatch Trophy
Last race: 1915 WK Vanderbilt Cup

Top 5 main opponents on the track:

Eddie Pullen
Tom Alley
Billy Taylor
William Tidmarsh
Jack Gable

All the years that Cap Kennedy took part in Motorsport

AAA National Motor Car Championship

Year Points Position Wins Poles
1914 0 84 0 0
1915 0 105 0 0

List of tracks where Cap Kennedy raced

Track Best Race Position Best position in qualification Total Races
Tacoma Speedway 10 10 1
Kalamazoo 9 9 1
San Francisco 14 7 2

Cap Kennedy: List of all wins

Year Team Race

List of teams Cap Kennedy was a part of

Team Best Race Position Best position in qualification Total Races
Cap Kennedy 14 7 2

List of all the cars Cap Kennedy drove

Chalmers ? 1914


Best Race Position: 10
Best position in qualification: 10
Total Races: 1

Cornelian ? 1914


Best Race Position: 9
Best position in qualification: 9
Total Races: 1

Edwards Special


Best Race Position: 14
Best position in qualification: 7
Total Races: 2