Harris Insinger from United States in Motorsport. Full information

Harris Insinger is race driver from United States. Born 1st July 1909, dead 8th September 1935 at age 26. Participant of AAA National Motor Car Championship. Participant of Indy 500. During the performances, he earned 38 points.

First race: 1934 Los Angeles Airport 200
Last race: 1935 Indianapolis 500

Top 5 main opponents on the track:

Al Miller
Cliff Bergere
Fred Frame
Bill Cummings
Allan Gordon

All the years that Harris Insinger took part in Motorsport

AAA National Motor Car Championship

Year Points Position Wins Poles
1934 38 24 0 0
1935 0 51 0 0

List of tracks where Harris Insinger raced

Track Best Race Position Best position in qualification Total Races
Indianapolis 14 31 1
Mines Field 7 13 1

Harris Insinger: List of all wins

Year Team Race

List of teams Harris Insinger was a part of

Team Best Race Position Best position in qualification Total Races
Mikan & Carson 14 31 1
Nick Lutze 7 13 1

List of all the cars Harris Insinger drove

Stevens ? 1934


Best Race Position: 7
Best position in qualification: 13
Total Races: 1

Mikan & Carson


Best Race Position: 14
Best position in qualification: 31
Total Races: 1