Daytona 500 in the 1970 season. Full information

12th season of the Daytona 500 proved to be an exhilarating ride for motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. Spanning from 22nd February to 22nd February in 1970, this season showcased thrilling races, unexpected twists, and fierce competition. Join us as we relive the excitement and drama that unfolded throughout this unforgettable season of Daytona 500!

List of races and tracks in the 1970 season

Race Winner Track Race Start
Daytona 500 1970 Daytona 500 Pete Hamilton
Plymouth SuperBird, #40
Daytona 22nd February 1970

Drivers championship 1970

List of all drivers for the 1970 season

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List of all cars in the 1970 season