2006 Monterrey Champ Cars in CART at the Fundidora Park circuit. Full information

2006 Monterrey Champ Cars

2006 Monterrey Champ Cars is 433rd CART race. Passed at the Fundidora Park circuit. Sébastien Bourdais won the pole position and this race. This was his 19th victory. Justin Wilson and AJ Allmendinger also climbed to the podium, in second and third place. Race distance 76 laps (257 km).

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Interesting facts and statistics about the 2006 Monterrey Champ Cars

93rd victory for the Newman-Haas Racing team
19th victory for the Sébastien Bourdais
27th podium for the Sébastien Bourdais
5th podium for the Justin Wilson
8th podium for the AJ Allmendinger

Lola B2/00 - 2006 Monterrey Champ Cars winner

Lola B2/00 - 2006 Monterrey Champ Cars winner

2006 Monterrey Champ Cars results

Position Name Points Result Lap Team
1 Sébastien Bourdais 34 1h 39m 50.252s 0 Newman-Haas Racing
2 Justin Wilson 29 1h 39m 53.318s 0 RuSport
3 AJ Allmendinger 25 1h 40m 4.384s 0 RuSport
4 Paul Tracy 23 1h 40m 37.474s 0 Forsythe Championship Racers
5 Alexandre Tagliani 21 1h 40m 48.03s 0 Team Australia Racing
6 Mario Dominguez 19 1h 40m 49.034s 0 Forsythe Championship Racers
7 Andrew Ranger 18 1h 40m 49.554s 0 Conquest Racing
8 Oriol Servia 15 1h 41m 4.208s 0 PKV Racing
9 Cristiano Da Matta 13 1h 41m 5.21s 0 Dale Coyne Racing
10 Bruno Junqueira 11 75 laps 0 Newman-Haas Racing
11 Will Power 10 75 laps 0 Team Australia Racing
12 Charles Zwolsman jr 9 75 laps 0 Conquest Racing
13 Daniel Clarke 9 75 laps 0 HVM
14 Katherine Legge 7 75 laps 0 PKV Racing
15 Nicky Pastorelli 6 74 laps 0 Rocketsports Racing
16 Jan Heylen 5 71 laps 0 Dale Coyne Racing
17 Nelson Philippe 4 Accident 0 HVM

Qualifying Results for the 2006 Monterrey Champ Cars on the Fundidora Park circuit

Position Name Result Team
1 Sébastien Bourdais 1m 13.253s Newman-Haas Racing
2 Justin Wilson 1m 13.532s RuSport
3 AJ Allmendinger 1m 13.796s RuSport
4 Bruno Junqueira 1m 13.911s Newman-Haas Racing
5 Paul Tracy 1m 14.009s Forsythe Championship Racers
6 Alexandre Tagliani 1m 14.534s Team Australia Racing
7 Oriol Servia 1m 14.553s PKV Racing
8 Mario Dominguez 1m 14.692s Forsythe Championship Racers
9 Will Power 1m 14.884s Team Australia Racing
10 Charles Zwolsman jr 1m 15.162s Conquest Racing
11 Jan Heylen 1m 15.22s Dale Coyne Racing
12 Cristiano Da Matta 1m 15.253s Dale Coyne Racing
13 Andrew Ranger 1m 15.41s Conquest Racing
14 Daniel Clarke 1m 15.484s HVM
15 Nelson Philippe 1m 15.54s HVM
16 Nicky Pastorelli 1m 16.285s Rocketsports Racing
17 Katherine Legge 1m 16.351s PKV Racing

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