2002 Montreal Champ Cars in CART at the Montréal circuit. Full information

2002 Montreal Champ Cars

2002 Montreal Champ Cars is 379th CART race. Passed at the Montréal circuit. Cristiano Da Matta won the pole position, Dario Franchitti won this race. This was his 9th victory. Cristiano Da Matta and Tony Kanaan also climbed to the podium, in second and third place. Race distance 80 laps (349 km).

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Interesting facts and statistics about the 2002 Montreal Champ Cars

21st victory for the Team Green team
9th victory for the Dario Franchitti
31st podium for the Dario Franchitti
14th podium for the Cristiano Da Matta
6th podium for the Tony Kanaan

2002 Montreal Champ Cars results

Position Name Points Result Lap Team
1 Dario Franchitti 21 1h 59m 40.938s 0 Team Green
2 Cristiano Da Matta 18 1h 59m 43.526s 0 Newman-Haas Racing
3 Tony Kanaan 14 1h 59m 45.55s 0 Mo Nunn Racing
4 Paul Tracy 12 1h 59m 47.204s 0 Team Green
5 Jimmy Vasser 10 1h 59m 47.746s 0 Team Rahal
6 Michel Jourdain jr 8 1h 59m 49.042s 0 Team Rahal
7 Christian Fittipaldi 6 1h 59m 53.959s 0 Newman-Haas Racing
8 Michael Andretti 5 1h 59m 54.441s 0 Team Green
9 Shinji Nakano 4 79 laps 0 Fernandez Racing
10 Scott Dixon 3 77 laps Mechanical 0 Chip Ganassi Racing Team
11 Alexandre Tagliani 2 77 laps 0 Forsythe Racing
12 Adrian Fernandez 1 69 laps Accident 0 Fernandez Racing
13 Bruno Junqueira 0 68 laps Mechanical 0 Chip Ganassi Racing Team
14 Toranosuke Takagi 0 64 laps Mechanical 0 Walker Racing
15 Patrick Carpentier 0 27 laps Mechanical 0 Forsythe Racing
16 Oriol Servia 0 13 laps Cv joint 0 Patrick Racing
17 Mario Dominguez 0 11 laps Mechanical 0 Bettenhausen Motorsports
18 Kenny Brack 0 Accident 0 Chip Ganassi Racing Team

Qualifying Results for the 2002 Montreal Champ Cars on the Montréal circuit

Position Name Result Team
1 Cristiano Da Matta 1m 18.959s Newman-Haas Racing
2 Dario Franchitti 1m 19.334s Team Green
3 Bruno Junqueira 1m 19.347s Chip Ganassi Racing Team
4 Patrick Carpentier 1m 19.51s Forsythe Racing
5 Kenny Brack 1m 19.625s Chip Ganassi Racing Team
6 Jimmy Vasser 1m 19.704s Team Rahal
7 Scott Dixon 1m 19.755s Chip Ganassi Racing Team
8 Alexandre Tagliani 1m 19.841s Forsythe Racing
9 Shinji Nakano 1m 19.87s Fernandez Racing
10 Paul Tracy 1m 19.871s Team Green
11 Christian Fittipaldi 1m 19.893s Newman-Haas Racing
12 Toranosuke Takagi 1m 19.981s Walker Racing
13 Tony Kanaan 1m 20.01s Mo Nunn Racing
14 Oriol Servia 1m 20.161s Patrick Racing
15 Michel Jourdain jr 1m 20.162s Team Rahal
16 Adrian Fernandez 1m 20.756s Fernandez Racing
17 Mario Dominguez 1m 21.065s Bettenhausen Motorsports
18 Michael Andretti 1m 21.67s Team Green

List of all cars for the 2002 Montreal Champ Cars on the Montréal circuit

Lola B2/00


Reynard 02I