Race car Matra MS120D in motorsport. Full information

Matra MS120D

The Matra MS120D is a racing car that competed in motorsport in 1972.
Powered by a Matra MS72 V12 3.0 engine.
During performances he took part in 6 races, won 0 victories and won 1 pole position.

List of all Matra MS120D racers

Driver Best Race Position Best position in qualification Total Races
Chris Amon 3 1 6

All the years when Matra MS120D took part in competitions

Formula 1

Year Points Wins Poles
1972 7 0 1

List of races in which Matra MS120D took part

Grand Prix Track Race Start Driver Position
France Grand Prix 1972 France Grand Prix Clermont-Ferrand 2nd July 1972 Chris Amon 3
Germany Grand Prix 1972 Germany Grand Prix Nürburgring 30th July 1972 Chris Amon 15
Austria Grand Prix 1972 Austria Grand Prix Österreichring 13th August 1972 Chris Amon 5
Italy Grand Prix 1972 Italy Grand Prix Monza 10th September 1972 Chris Amon -
Canada Grand Prix 1972 Canada Grand Prix Mosport Park 24th September 1972 Chris Amon 6
USA Grand Prix 1972 USA Grand Prix Watkins Glen 8th October 1972 Chris Amon 15

List of tracks where Matra MS120D raced

Track Best Race Position Best position in qualification Total Races
Österreichring 5 6 1
Mosport Park 6 10 1
Nürburgring 15 8 1
Clermont-Ferrand 3 1 1
Monza 2 1
Watkins Glen 15 7 1

List of all victories Matra MS120D

Matra MS120D has never won a race

List of races in which Matra MS120D was in the lead

Year Grand Prix Driver Leading laps
1972 France Grand Prix Chris Amon 19

List of fastest laps in the race, set by the Matra MS120D

Year Driver Grand Prix Track Result Lap
1972 Chris Amon France Grand Prix Clermont-Ferrand 2'53''9 32