Race car Matra MS120C in motorsport. Full information

Matra MS120C

The Matra MS120C is a racing car that competed in motorsport in 1972.
Powered by a Matra MS72 V12 3.0 engine.
During performances he took part in 7 races, won 0 victories and won 0 pole positions.

List of all Matra MS120C racers

Driver Best Race Position Best position in qualification Total Races
Chris Amon 4 6 7

All the years when Matra MS120C took part in competitions

Formula 1

Year Points Wins Poles
1972 5 0 0

List of races in which Matra MS120C took part

Grand Prix Track Race Start Driver Position
Argentina Grand Prix 1972 Argentina Grand Prix Buenos Aires 23rd January 1972 Chris Amon -
South Africa Grand Prix 1972 South Africa Grand Prix Kyalami 4th March 1972 Chris Amon 15
Spain Grand Prix 1972 Spain Grand Prix Jarama 1st May 1972 Chris Amon -
Monaco Grand Prix 1972 Monaco Grand Prix Monaco 14th May 1972 Chris Amon 6
Belgium Grand Prix 1972 Belgium Grand Prix Nivelles 4th June 1972 Chris Amon 6
Britain Grand Prix 1972 Britain Grand Prix Brands Hatch 15th July 1972 Chris Amon 4
Austria Grand Prix 1972 Austria Grand Prix Österreichring 13th August 1972 Chris Amon -

List of tracks where Matra MS120C raced

Track Best Race Position Best position in qualification Total Races
Buenos Aires 12 1
Österreichring 1
Nivelles 6 13 1
Brands Hatch 4 17 1
Monaco 6 6 1
Kyalami 15 13 1
Jarama 6 1

List of all victories Matra MS120C

Matra MS120C has never won a race

List of races in which Matra MS120C was in the lead

Matra MS120C has never led a race

List of fastest laps in the race, set by the Matra MS120C

Year Driver Grand Prix Track Result Lap
1972 Chris Amon Belgium Grand Prix Nivelles 1'12''12 66