2015 Silverstone Auto GP Race 2 in Auto GP at the Silverstone circuit. Full information

2015 Silverstone Auto GP

2015 Silverstone Auto GP is 76th Auto GP race. Passed at the Silverstone circuit. Andres Mendez won the pole position, Luis Jorge Sa Silva won this race. Facundo Regalia and Antonio Pizzonia also climbed to the podium, in second and third place. Race distance 8 laps (47 km).

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Race Start: 24th May 2015

Interesting facts and statistics about the 2015 Silverstone Auto GP

5th victory for the Zele Racing team
1st victory for the Luis Jorge Sa Silva
3rd podium for the Luis Jorge Sa Silva
5th podium for the Facundo Regalia
7th podium for the Antonio Pizzonia

2015 Silverstone Auto GP results

Position Name Car Points Result Lap Team
1 Luis Jorge Sa Silva Lola B05/52, #10 20 14m 38.384s 0 Zele Racing
2 Facundo Regalia Lola B05/52, #23 16 14m 38.432s 0 FMS Racing
3 Antonio Pizzonia Lola B05/52, #8 12 14m 40.767s 0 Zele Racing
4 Giuseppe Cipriani Lola B05/52, #7 10 14m 47.977s 0 Ibiza Racing Team
5 Christof von Grunigen Lola B05/52, #6 8 14m 48.211s 0 Paolo Coloni Racing
6 Andres Mendez Lola B05/52, #9 6 15m 5.612s 0 Zele Racing
7 Nikita Zlobin Lola B05/52, #72 4 15m 28.162s 0 Virtuosi UK

List of all cars for the 2015 Silverstone Auto GP on the Silverstone circuit