2014 Imola Auto GP Race 2 in Auto GP at the Imola circuit. Full information

2014 Imola Auto GP

2014 Imola Auto GP is 66th Auto GP race. Passed at the Imola circuit. Giuseppe Cipriani won the pole position, Michela Cerruti won this race. Kevin Giovesi and Pal Varhaug also climbed to the podium, in second and third place. Race distance 17 laps (83 km).

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Race Start: 29th June 2014

Interesting facts and statistics about the 2014 Imola Auto GP

15th victory for the Super Nova International team
1st victory for the Michela Cerruti
2nd podium for the Michela Cerruti
9th podium for the Kevin Giovesi
9th podium for the Pal Varhaug

2014 Imola Auto GP results

Position Name Car Points Result Lap Team
1 Michela Cerruti Lola B05/52, #88 20 27m 17.493s 0 Super Nova International
2 Kevin Giovesi Lola B05/52, #28 15 27m 18.022s 0 FMS Racing
3 Pal Varhaug Lola B05/52, #11 12 27m 20.823s 0 Virtuosi UK
4 Kimiya Sato Lola B05/52, #16 11 27m 22.861s 0 Euronova Racing
5 Markus Pommer Lola B05/52, #1 8 27m 27.365s 0 Super Nova International
6 Vittorio Ghirelli Lola B05/52, #99 6 27m 32.515s 0 FMS Racing
7 Christof von Grunigen Lola B05/52, #8 4 27m 39.372s 0 Zele Racing
8 Andrea Roda Lola B05/52, #4 3 27m 42.891s 0 Virtuosi UK
9 Tamas Pal Kiss Lola B05/52, #9 2 27m 43.569s 0 Zele Racing
10 Francesco Dracone Lola B05/52, #2 1 27m 44.145s 0 Super Nova International
11 Michele la Rosa Lola B05/52, #71 0 28m 2.55s 0 MLR 71 by Euronova
12 Salvatore de Plano, Giuseppe Cipriani Lola B05/52, #77 0 29m 2.323s 0 Euronova Racing

List of all cars for the 2014 Imola Auto GP on the Imola circuit