San Carlos circuit in AAA National Motor Car Championship. Full information

All years in which the races was held at the San Carlos circuit

San Carlos track configuration from 1921 to 1922

Year Winner Grand Prix Race Start
1921 Duesenberg Bros ? 1921
Jimmy Murphy
San Carlos 250 11th December 1921
1922 Duesenberg Bros ? 1922
Harry Hartz
Golden State Motor Derby 16th April 1922

List of all riders who have won the San Carlos circuit

Name Wins Poles Points
Jimmy Murphy 1 1 660
Harry Hartz 1 1 380

List of winning teams on the San Carlos Circuit

Name Wins Poles Points
Duesenberg Bros 2 2 1240

List of all cars on the San Carlos circuit

Duesenberg ? 1921


Duesenberg ? 1922


Miller S8


Frontenac 183