1939 Syracuse 100 in AAA National Motor Car Championship at the Syracuse circuit. Full information

1939 Syracuse 100

1939 Syracuse 100 is 380th AAA National Motor Car Championship race. Passed at the Syracuse circuit. Rex Mays won the pole position, Mauri Rose won this race. George Connor and Ted Horn also climbed to the podium, in second and third place. Race distance 100 laps (161 km).

Previous race: 1939 Milwaukee 100
Next race: 1940 Indianapolis 500
Race Start: 2nd September 1939

Interesting facts and statistics about the 1939 Syracuse 100

2nd victory for the W Wilbur Shaw team
3rd victory for the Mauri Rose
7th podium for the Mauri Rose
2nd podium for the George Connor
3rd podium for the Ted Horn

List of all cars for the 1939 Syracuse 100 on the Syracuse circuit

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Shaw ? 1939


Stevens ? 1939


Weil ? 1939


Wetteroth ? 1939