1921 Universal Trophy in AAA National Motor Car Championship at the Uniontown circuit. Full information

1921 Universal Trophy

1921 Universal Trophy is 232nd AAA National Motor Car Championship race. Passed at the Uniontown circuit. Roscoe Sarles won the pole position and this race. Eddie Hearne and Eddie Miller also climbed to the podium, in second and third place. Race distance 200 laps (362 km).

Previous race: 1921 Indianapolis 500
Next race: 1921 Tacoma 250
Race Start: 18th June 1921

Interesting facts and statistics about the 1921 Universal Trophy

31st victory for the Duesenberg Bros team
5th victory for the Roscoe Sarles
17th podium for the Roscoe Sarles
29th podium for the Eddie Hearne
3rd podium for the Eddie Miller

List of all cars for the 1921 Universal Trophy on the Uniontown circuit

Frontenac 183


Miller S8


Duesenberg ? 1921