1912 Montamarathon Trophy in AAA National Motor Car Championship at the Tacoma circuit. Full information

1912 Montamarathon Trophy

1912 Montamarathon Trophy is 72nd AAA National Motor Car Championship race. Passed at the Tacoma circuit. Hughie Hughes won the pole position, Teddy Tetzlaff won this race. This was his 3rd victory. Erwin Bergdoll and Earl Devore also climbed to the podium, in second and third place. Race distance 50 laps (402 km).

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Interesting facts and statistics about the 1912 Montamarathon Trophy

3rd victory for the EE Hewlett team
3rd victory for the Teddy Tetzlaff
4th podium for the Teddy Tetzlaff
3rd podium for the Erwin Bergdoll
3rd podium for the Earl Devore

1912 Montamarathon Trophy results

Position Name Points Result Lap Team
1 Teddy Tetzlaff 500 3h 47m 0.850s 0 EE Hewlett
2 Erwin Bergdoll 260 3h 50m 49.850s+3m 49.000s 0 Benz Motoren
3 Earl Devore 140 3h 52m 28.250s+5m 27.400s 0
4 Frank Verbeck 80 3h 52m 56.150s+5m 55.300s 0
5 Earl Cooper 50 0
6 Frank Blizzard 0 0
7 Hughie Hughes 0 0 Mercer Automobile Co
8 Ralph Mulford 0 0 Ralph Mulford

Qualifying Results for the 1912 Montamarathon Trophy on the Tacoma circuit

Position Name Result Team
1 Hughie Hughes 0 Mercer Automobile Co
2 Earl Cooper 0
3 Erwin Bergdoll 0 Benz Motoren
4 Teddy Tetzlaff 0 EE Hewlett
5 Ralph Mulford 0 Ralph Mulford
6 Frank Verbeck 0
7 Earl Devore 0
8 Frank Blizzard 0

List of all cars for the 1912 Montamarathon Trophy on the Tacoma circuit

Stutz ? 1912


Fiat S74