1911 American Grand Prize in AAA National Motor Car Championship at the Savannah circuit. Full information

1911 American Grand Prize

1911 American Grand Prize is 64th AAA National Motor Car Championship race. Passed at the Savannah circuit. David Bruce-Brown won the pole position and this race. This was his 1st victory. Eddie Hearne and Ralph de Palma also climbed to the podium, in second and third place. Race distance 24 laps (662 km).

Previous race: 1911 WK Vanderbilt Cup
Next race: 1912 Santa Monica Light Car Race (161-230ci Class)

Interesting facts and statistics about the 1911 American Grand Prize

1st victory for the Fiat team
1st victory for the David Bruce-Brown
2nd podium for the David Bruce-Brown
4th podium for the Eddie Hearne
6th podium for the Ralph de Palma

1911 American Grand Prize results

Position Name Points Result Lap Team
1 David Bruce-Brown 800 5h 31m 29.130s 0 Fiat
2 Eddie Hearne 420 5h 33m 33.070s+2m 3.940s 0 Benz Motoren
3 Ralph de Palma 220 5h 34m 40.800s+3m 11.670s 0 Ralph de Palma
4 Caleb Bragg 120 5h 51m 55.290s+20m 26.160s 0 Caleb S Bragg
5 Lou Disbrow 70 6h 26m 44.000s+55m 14.870s 0 Pope Manufacturing Co
6 Leland Mitchell 45 0 Abbott Motor Co
7 Ralph Mulford 0 0 Lozier Motor Co
8 Carl Limberg 35 0 Abbott Motor Co
9 Louis Wagner 0 0 Fiat
10 Charles Basle 0 0 Marquette Motor Co
11 Cyrus Patschke 0 0 Nordyke and Marmon
12 Spencer Wishart 0 0 Spencer Wishart
13 Erwin Bergdoll 0 0 Benz Motoren
14 Victor Hemery 0 0 Benz Motoren
15 Bob Burman 0 0 Nordyke and Marmon
16 Harry Cobe 0 0 Marquette Motor Co

List of all cars for the 1911 American Grand Prize on the Savannah circuit

Fiat S74


Abbott Detroit


Pope ? 1911